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Please note that years older than 2007-2008 have mostly html flyers.

2022 - 2023

Date Location Speaker Topic (Flyer) Files
Tue, October 11TBATBATBA

2021 - 2022

Date Location Speaker Topic (Flyer) Files
Tue, September 21Zoom.comGordon HamiltonLost in a Mini Mathematical Universe...
Tue, October 19Zoom.comTheo DranePlaying in the Sand
Tue, December 07Zoom.comAllison HenrichKnotty Games
Tue, February 01Zoom.comAmi RadunskayaThe Sound of Chaos: Perceiving Patterns
Tue, April 05Zoom.comGabriell Dorfsman-HopkinsExploring Algebraic Starscapes
Tue, May 03Zooom.comJo HardinThe Objectivity of My Desire

2020 - 2021

Date Location Speaker Topic (Flyer) Files
Tue, October 13Zoom.comEdmund HarrisCNC Craft: The mathematics of moving machines to make
Tue, December 01Zoom.comSteve TrettelLife in Curved Space
Tue, February 09Zoom.comJulie BergnerFun with Egyptian Fractions
Tue, March 16Zoom.comTony Varilly-AlvaradoMagic squares of squares
Tue, April 13Zoom.comSilviana AmethystMy Identity as a Mathematical Artist

2019 - 2020

Date Location Speaker Topic (Flyer) Files
Fri, November 01SJSUJohn StillwellAll Infinities Great and Small
Fri, December 13SCUJenny QuinnSolving Mathematical Mysteries
Fri, January 31SCUCarl PomeranceThe First Function
Fri, February 28SCUMichael DorffFrozen, Soap Bubbles, and Math
Fri, April 10TBASteve TrettelTBA

2018 - 2019

Date Location Speaker Topic (Flyer) Files
Fri, October 12SJSUScott KimTurning Math into a Game
Fri, December 07SJSUSergei TabachnikovGeometry of Equations
Fri, January 25SCUMarion CampisiSpace Farming and the Euler Characteristic
Fri, March 01SCURavi VakilThe Mathematics of Doodling
Fri, April 12SCUAndrew BernoffAn Introduction to Surface Tension (or Why Raindrops are Spherical)

2017 - 2018

Date Location Speaker Topic (Flyer) Files
Fri, September 22SCUJayadev AthreyaBenford and Billards
Wed, November 08SCUFrancis SuThe Mathematics and Magic of Card Shuffling
Fri, December 01SJSUSusan DurstPowersets and the Littlewood-Offord Problem
Fri, January 19SJSUPaul ZeitzContinued Fractions and Hyperbolic Geometry
Fri, February 23SCUDeanna HaunspergerA Glimpse at the Horizon
Fri, April 20SCUThomas BanchoffCylinders and Mobius bands: How can we see the difference?

2016 - 2017

Date Location Speaker Topic (Flyer) Files
Fri, October 21SJSUBrian ConreyRandomness in the Prime Numbers
Wed, November 09SCUMartin WeissmanThe Secret Lives of Fractions
Wed, December 07SJSUJordan SchettlerNumber Theory and Music: How to Build a Fanned-Fret Guitar and a Enharmonic Keyboard
Fri, February 03SCUJohn SullivanSoap Bubbles and Polyhedra
Fri, March 03SCUJeffery HoffsteinPublic Key Cryptography: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at a 20-year Roller Coaster Ride
Wed, April 05SJSURobert MegginsonGot Math? We did, Long Before Europeans Arrived

2015 - 2016

Date Location Speaker Topic (Flyer) Files
Wed, September 30SCUEd SchaeferThe Miracle of Public Key Cryptography
Wed, November 04SJSUAparna HigginsPebbling on Graphs: Demonic Graphs and Troop Deployment
Fri, December 04SCUDan GoldstonSums and Differences of Pairs of Primes
Wed, January 27SJSURichard KubelkaTaking the Wursts for a Turn: the Mathematics of Walking Wiener Dogs
Fri, March 04SCUTadashi TokiedaA World from a Sheet of Paper
Fri, March 25SJSUJoe BuhlerThe Power of Cooperation

2014 - 2015

Date Location Speaker Topic (Flyer) Files
Fri, October 10SCUSam VanderveldeMarden's Marvelous Theorem
Sat, November 15SCURon Graham(A few of) My Favorite Graph Theory Problems
Fri, December 05SJSUJohn StillwellET Math: How different could it be?
Fri, January 23SCUCarl PomeranceWhat we still don't know about addition and multiplication What we still don't know about addition and multiplication
Wed, March 04SCUFederico ArdilaTilings in Combinatorics, Algebra, and Geometry
Fri, April 24SCUElwyn BerlekampThe Game of Amazons

2013 - 2014

Date Location Speaker Topic (Flyer) Files
Wed, September 25SCUCornelia Van CottNoodle Doodles and Mathematics
Wed, October 16SJSUBrian ConreyIntransitive Dice
Fri, November 15SCUIvars PetersonPancake sorting, Prefix reversals, and DNA rearrangements
Wed, January 29SCUAngel HicksThe Case of the Determined Drivers Free parking coupon
Wed, March 05SJSURichard ScottCayley Graphs and Hypercubes
Wed, April 09SJSUDavid ScottThinking Outside the Box

2012 - 2013

Date Location Speaker Topic (Flyer) Files
Wed, September 19SCUTamsen McGinleyProofs you can't forget
Wed, October 17SJSUDavid EisenbudWay Out There on the Edge of the Plane
Fri, November 16SCUAlissa CransMusical Mathematics Parking Permit
Fri, January 25SCUShirley YapWhere does the railroad track go? Parking permit pdf
Wed, February 20SCUKatherine Socha... mathematical morsels ...
Wed, March 13SJSUBrian ConradThe ABC Conjecture

2011 - 2012

Date Location Speaker Topic (Flyer) Files
Fri, October 14SCUSteven DevlinNetworks, Models, and Mathematics
Wed, November 09SJSUMatthias BeckHow to change coins, M&M's, or chicken nuggets: The Linear Diophantine problem of Frobenius
Fri, December 09SCUJesus De LoeraEasy to State but Hard to Solve: My Favorite Problems in Polyhedral Geometry
Fri, January 20SJSUKiran KedlayaCounting Solutions of Polynomial Equations Module P
Wed, February 15SCUTony DeRoseMath in the Movies
Wed, March 14SJSUFrank FarrisPicturing Complex Numbers
Wed, April 11SJSUPeter WinklerPuzzles that Stretch Your Imagination

2010 - 2011

Date Location Speaker Topic (Flyer) Files
Thu, October 14SCUMichael StarbirdGeometric Gems
Wed, November 10SJSUFrancis Edward SuVoting in Agreeable Societies
Wed, December 15SCURoger NelsenMath Icons: An Exploration of Images
Wed, January 19SJSUKevin S. McCurleyThe Mathematics of Inequality
Wed, February 23SCUIvars PetersonThe Jungles of Randomness
Wed, March 16SJSUJim TantonPartitions, Weird Languages, Dots and Dashes, and a few more of my Favourite Mathematical Things

2009 - 2010

Date Location Speaker Topic (Flyer) Files
Wed, October 14SCUEleanor RieffelFrom Photographs to Models: the Geometry of Image-Based 3D Reconstruction
Fri, November 20SCURobert BryantRolling and Tumbling---The idea of Holonomy
Wed, December 16SJSUMelanie WoodRandom Behavior in the Prime Numbers
Wed, January 06SJSUBruce ReznickWhat does ">" really mean?
Wed, February 10SCUFederico ArdilaMatroids as a Theory of Independence
Wed, March 10SJSUTed HillThe First-Digit Phenomenon, or Benford's Law

2008 - 2009

Date Location Speaker Topic (Flyer) Files
Fri, September 26SCUBernd SturmfelsTropical Mathematics
Wed, October 22SJSUBrian ConradRational Right Triangles
Wed, December 03SCURick ScottCounting Elements in Reflection Groups
Thu, January 22SJSUMaria KlaweWinning Strategies for the PSP Game Lumines
Wed, February 25SCUEstelle BasorThe Utilities Problem and Some Related Topics
Thu, March 26SJSUJeff WeeksThe Shape of Space

2007 - 2008

Date Location Speaker Topic (Flyer) Files
Wed, September 26SJSUMartin IsaacsSoccer Balls, Pentagons and Euler
Wed, October 24SCURichard BorcherdsVery Large Integers
Thu, November 29SJSUJoe GallianThe Mathematics of Identification Numbers
Wed, January 16SCUArt BenjaminCombinatorial Trigonometry (and a method to DIE for) CombTrig, DIE
Wed, February 27SCULeslie HogbenMatrices, Digraphs, Markov Chains & Their Use by Google slideshow
Wed, April 02SJSUKannan SoundararajanFrom Tic-Tac-Toe to Additive Combinatorics

2006 - 2007

Date Location Speaker Topic (Flyer) Files
Wed, October 04SCURon GrahamMathematics and Computers: Problems and Prospects
Wed, December 06SCURobin HartshorneHistory of Imaginary Numbers
Wed, January 17SJSUBrian ConreyThe Riemann Hypothesis
Fri, February 23SCUCarl PomerancePrime time for primes
Wed, April 11SCUJean PedersenMy Favorite Mathematical Toys
Wed, May 09SCUV. I. ArnoldReal Algebraic Geometry

2005 - 2006

Date Location Speaker Topic (Flyer) Files
Wed, September 21SCUDan GoldstonAre There Infinitely Many Twin Primes?
Wed, October 19SJSUMichael BeesonThe Mechanization of Mathematics
Sat, November 19SCUColm MulcahyMagic with Math (Eine Kleine Nachtmagie)
Wed, January 18SJSUScott KimTales of a Mathematical Puzzle Designer
Wed, February 15SCUHelen MooreMathematical Rx
Wed, March 15SJSUKenneth RibetModularity and Congruence Counting
Wed, April 12SCUDavid BressoudThe Art of Counting

2004 - 2005

Date Location Speaker Topic (Flyer) Files
Wed, September 29SCUJohn MitchemParadoxes in Averages
Wed, November 03SJSUFrancis Edward SuHow to Cut a Cake (and Other Things) Fairly: The Mathematics of Conflict Resolution
Wed, December 01SCUErica FlapanWhen Topology Meets Chemistry
Fri, February 11SJSUSteven KrantzHow to Reveal All Your Secrets without Imparting Any Concrete Information
Wed, March 16SCUJohn Horton ConwaySome Very Interesting Sequences
Tue, April 05SJSUJoe GallianThe Making of the 2003 Math Awareness Month Poster
Fri, April 29SJSUHelmer AslaksenHeavenly Mathematics: The Mathematics of the Chinese, Indian, Islamic and Gregorian Calendars

2003 - 2004

Date Location Speaker Topic (Flyer) Files
Tue, October 07SCUDoris SchattschneiderMathematical problems posed by Escher's Tessellations
Wed, November 05SJSUThomas CoverIdiosyncracies in sports and gambling
Wed, December 03SCUFrank FarrisThe Edge of the Universe: Hyperbolic Wallpaper
Wed, January 14SJSUThomas BanchoffFrom Flatland to Hypergraphics: Interactive Geometry on the Internet
Wed, March 03SCURavi VakilThe Mathematics of Doodling
Wed, April 07SJSUJennifer QuinnProofs that Really Count: Exploring Patterns in Pascal's Triangle

2002 - 2003

Date Location Speaker Topic (Flyer) Files
Wed, October 02SCUPersi DiaconisMathematics and Coincidences
Wed, November 06SJSUJoel HassAlgorithms in Topology
Sat, December 07SCUBjorn PoonenElliptic Curves
Wed, February 12SJSURichard ScottTriangles - the Thick and Thin of it
Mon, March 03SCUDonald SaariMathematical Surprises about Voting
Fri, April 04SJSUJohn Stillwell1, 2, 4, 8: Dimensions We Appreciate

2001 - 2002

Date Location Speaker Topic (Flyer) Files
Fri, October 05SCUArthur BenjaminProofs that really count! and MATHEMAGICS!
Wed, November 07SJSUAbigail ThompsonSome Knotty Problems
Wed, December 12SCUEd Schaefer When is an Integer the Product of Two and Three Consecutive Integers?
Wed, February 06SJSUJean Pedersen Platonic Divisions of Space
Fri, March 01SCUFrank MorganThe Soap Bubble Geometry Contest
Wed, April 03SJSUTom DavisThe Mathematics of Computer Graphics

2000 - 2001

Date Location Speaker Topic (Flyer) Files
Wed, September 27SCUCarl PomerancePRIMES!
Wed, November 01SJSUPeter StevenhagenTriangles, Squares, Oranges and Cuboids
Fri, December 01SCUJoe GallianBreaking Drivers' License Codes
Wed, February 07SJSUJoe BuhlerParadoxes in Probability and Applications
Fri, March 09SCUDmitry FuchsCusps
Wed, April 04SJSUSusan HolmesProbability by Surprise

1999 - 2000

Date Location Speaker Topic (Flyer) Files
Wed, September 29SCUZvezdelina StankovaGeometric Puzzles and Constructions
Wed, October 27SJSUDon ChakerianThe Method of False Position, or, Can Two Wrongs Make a Right?
Wed, November 17SCUHendrik W. Lenstra, Jr.Harmonic Numbers
Wed, February 02SJSURobert OssermanMathematical Mapping from Mercator to the Millennium
Wed, March 01SCUSherman SteinWhat did Archimedes do besides cry Eureka?
Wed, April 05SJSUHelen MooreSpace Shuttle Geometry

1998 - 1999

Date Location Speaker Topic (Flyer) Files
Wed, September 30SCURon GrahamJuggling Permutations of the Integers
Wed, November 04SJSUPaul ZeitzHopping Frogs, Powers of Two, and the Dominance of the Digit 1
Wed, December 02SCUKarl RubinRight Triangles and Elliptic Curves
Wed, February 03SJSURudy RuckerThe Fourth Dmension in Mathematics and Science Fiction
Wed, March 17SCUSheldon AxlerMathematics vs. The Silicon Age: Who Wins?
Wed, March 24Stanford UniversityAndrew WilesFermat's Legacy (Extra: talk at Stanford)
Wed, April 14SJSURobin WilsonThe Mathematics of Lewis Carroll
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